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Antennas and Propagation for 5G and Beyond

28 February 2019 | IET Birmingham: Austin Court, UK

Continuous Professional Development CPD (logo)

About the event

The event will provide a technical refresh of the state of the art in a fast moving and still somewhat fluid field.

Although much of the current work is being driven by the needs of mobile communications, the topics to be discussed are applicable across a wide range of applications that exploit the radio spectrum, including energy, transport (rail, connected and autonomous vehicles), healthcare, agriculture, broadcasting, utilities, etc.

The physical environments in which 5G will be deployed are varied (e.g. remote rural communities, dense urban areas, cultivated land) and the cost and therefore sophistication of the technology will need to be suited to the target application domain, e.g. high end digital businesses, cybersecurity-sensitive operations and social care applications for deprived communities.


Member - £40
Non Member - £60
Student Registration - £20