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System Safety and Cyber Security Conference - SSCS 2019

The 14th International Conference on System Safety and Cyber Security

21 - 22 October 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place

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About the event

Female engineer working with colleague SSCS is the only conference in the UK where both safety and security engineers from around the world can meet and share ideas, new research and network.

Sessions at this year’s conference will focus on integrating safety and cyber security, implementing and adopting security approaches, system / software safety and will cover five over-arching themes:

  • Integrating safety and cyber security: towards a new standard
  • Vulnerabilities, threats and solutions to cyber security in safety-critical systems
  • The human factors of cyber security and safety
  • Interactions between safety and cyber security systems
  • AI/ML, Cloud and novel technologies in critical systems


Why attend?

System Safety and Cyber Security is the unique event in the UK where both safety and cyber security is discussed in one room by experts with the aim of:

  • creating synergy and the new best practice (standards), so your company could gain competitive advantage by adopting innovative methodology that you can demonstrate to your clients
  • enabling engineers to secure challenging safety critical systems e.g. National critical infrastructure. Staying safe and secure will help your business to prevent disruptive events by adopting a proactive cyber security approach to increase resilience, rather than relying on compliance-based passive reaction to unfolding cyber events
  • building a community of experts as part of IET’s Functional Safety Network and cyber community of interest. Position yourself as a thought leader in an area that attracts massive investments from corporations and governments


What can I expect to see?

You’ll hear from leading practitioners in both the functional safety and cyber security industries, showing you the best new ideas in integrating safety and security to form robust, protected critical systems.

Last year’s conference included talks on integrating safety and cyber security, evolution of threats to the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure, cyber security for industrial control systems and defence, implementing and adopting security approaches, system safety, software safety and transport.

A panel discussion on developing security strategies for safety critical systems included thought leaders from the defence sector, academia and leading technology companies.


What people said about SSCS 2018

"This was a refreshing event in the floods of Industrial Cyber or Cyber-Physical events as it was aimed at crossing Cyber Security and Safety divide together with defence, automotive and government involvement."
Cevn Vibert, Industrial Cyber Security Evangelist

Other delegates also said:

“The conference had a good atmosphere and there was lots of opportunity to network.”

“Every day I learned something that is important to what I do in my job.”

“I would definitely recommend it as it gives you a good understanding towards where the other industries place themselves on the cyber security matter and what lessons could be learned and useful for your industry”.

“The presentations were all very good and explored a wide range of ideas and thinking.”

2018 SSCS conference highlights




Conference early bird fee
(on or before 1 September 2019)

Member - £545
Non-member - £645

Conference standard registration fees
(from 2 September 2019)

IET/supporting organisation member - £595
Non-member - £695
Student - £459