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Digital to Physical

How virtual designs inspire the products and factories of the future

28 November 2019 | Coventry University, Coventry, UK



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secondary image The next industrial revolution is being ushered in by a wave of new hybrid technologies, where digital and physical tools are being combined.

Brian Holiday, MD of Siemens’ Digital Industries, is taking us on an incredible and fun journey of how cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital-twins and additive manufacturing are producing never before seen flexibility and efficiencies on the factory floor.

It’s not just the manufacturing industry that’s being transformed, the interim BIM director of HS2, Sonia Zahiroddiny, knows first-hand how modern construction projects are now just as likely to involve embedded sensor networks and have bespoke 3D-printed components as not.





Brian Holliday  

Brian Holliday
Managing Director, Siemens Digital Industries

Dr Sonia Zahiroddiny  

Dr Sonia Zahiroddiny
Interim BIM Director, HS2

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