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DPSP 2020

The 15th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection

9 - 12 March 2020 | The ACC, Liverpool, UK |
Call for papers deadline: 19 July 2019

CPD 18 hours

Technical scope


All prospective authors are reminded that this conference focusses on protection and related topics such as automation, monitoring, post-fault reconfiguration and restoration, fault location, real world experience etc. Please bear this in mind when submitting abstracts and ensure that your abstract is directly relevant to one or more of the subjects listed below.

Protection of networks

  1. Micro-grids and islanded networks (including networks that may be either interconnected or islanded)
  2. Embedded and point-to-point DC interconnectors and networks
  3. Distribution, LV networks, industrial networks
  4. Transmission networks (including EHV and UHV)
  5. Performance aspects and weak networks (Reduced fault levels and/or lower inertia, voltage depressions during and after faults, ride-through, etc.)
  6. Grid codes and emerging standards that may impact on protection*
  7. Protection during black-start/network restoration*


  1. System integrity and wide area protection (PMUs/synchrophasors)
  2. Protection of generation systems and grid interconnections
  3. Protection and impact of converter dominated networks and low inertia systems*
  4. Plant/substation protection*
  5. High impedance fault detection
  6. Protection of transport systems (marine, aircraft, rail)*
  7. Configuration management of protection systems*

Evolving technologies and future networks

  1. Condition monitoring and situational awareness - with focus on protection
  2. New protection algorithms and software solutions
  3. Effect of functional integration in IEDs on reliability, availability and maintainability
  4. Design and application of substation communications and integrated systems
  5. Commissioning and testing procedures and tools (e.g. IEC 61850)
  6. Digital substations: protection aspects and architectures, timing and synchronisation
  7. Conventional & non-conventional instrument transformers - impact on protection, experience, lessons learned
  8. Advances in communications for protection applications including cyber security*
  9. Protection implications of emerging technologies and future networks (heat pumps, electric vehicles, energy storage)*

* New conference themes

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