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Railway Earthing and Bonding

Principles and requirements for railway application

1 - 2 October 2019 | IET Savoy Place | London

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About the conference

Railway Earthing and Bonding is back for 2019, bringing you the latest updates, practical guidance and information on what is a fundamental aspect of railway design and safety.

The seminar will start by providing you with a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of railway earthing and electrical risk management whilst outlining the core design principles for traction supply earthing, electrical supply and critical infrastructure and equipment. Following this, the conference will move more towards earthing in practice, giving you practical information and guidance on the key challenges and issues faced with earthing within a fully operational railway environment.

Practical examples, case studies and insights into lessons learned will be shared with you throughout by a host of expert speakers with experience of managing and developing earthing systems across the UK.

Key topics include:

  • Overview of earthing requirements
  • Fundamentals of earthing and bonding
  • Key design principles and challenges for power supply and infrastructure
  • Review of changes to relevant standards and key requirements for meeting safety levels
  • The challenges of integration and interactions between systems
  • Insights into incoming supply and grid connections


View the programme page for more information on the topics that will be covered.

What last year’s delegates said about the event…

"I gained a more comprehensive understanding of earthing and bonding; including its impact on my line of work (overhead line design). It also highlighted some of the considerations that the E&B designers must factor into their designs and decisions I could make (including bringing it to their attention earlier) to improve not just the safety of the design but its efficacy and cost impact."

"Excellent organisation and good participation. Good and up to date content of presentations covering recent UK projects."

"I learnt around the subject of bonding and realised there is a lot to know"



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