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2018 Global Challenge

Global Challenge 2018/19

Help solve one of the biggest threats to our oceans of all time



2017 winners

Good Vibrations

The team of young entrepreneurs from Pembroke College, Cambridge won the global engineering challenge to invent an on-board device that can gauge a vehicle’s weight to ensure it is loaded correctly and safely, a problem that is often faced by Humanitarian Relief Agencies in locations with challenging terrain. The competition scenario was developed in partnership with international NGO, RedR and focused on developing a device that can accurately and actively gauge the load weight in a Toyota Land Cruiser or similar, enabling the driver to visually identify when the vehicle is safely loaded and alert the driver if the vehicle is overloaded.

The winning team, Good Vibrations, made up of three undergraduate engineering students, developed a concept called ‘Weigh2Go’. The team’s device takes a unique approach to the problem, analysing the vibrational response of the car to a known input force, a principal not currently undertaken by any commercially available solution.

Team member Siddharth Gupta, 21, said: “We researched existing solutions available on the market and after considering the advantages and disadvantages of each one in the context of the brief, decided on a vibration based approach. One of the key disadvantages to any commercial solution was the need for often recalibration by the manufacturer. We were keen to avoid this as it would be impractical in a humanitarian aid context and felt our solution needed to be easy to install and repair.”

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2017 global challenge winners   2017 global challenge winners  

Our partners

For the Global Challenge 2018/19 we have partnered with two amazing charities, Greenpeace and GreenSeas Trust.

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At least one of your team members needs to be an IET member.

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