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2018 Global Challenge

Global Challenge 2018/19

Help solve one of the biggest threats to our oceans of all time



The 2018 challenge

Greenpeace and GreenSeas Trust have set two
very different challenges on the topic of plastic pollution,
and your team can ONLY enter ONE challenge.


Greenpeace challenge

Infographic 1   Infographic 2 Infographic 3


Greenseas challenge

Infographic 5   Infographic 4 Infographic 6

There are two submission stages of the competition, and only those successfully shortlisted after round one will be able to complete stage two.

To give you an idea of what we expect at each round, please see the following (please note, more information is included on the online submission system):


Round one submission, the proposal

  • Introduction
  • Technical Description
    Product features
    Technical considerations
  • Conclusion


Round two submission, the detailed project report

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Technical Comparison and Feasibility Report
    Comparison of solutions
    Cost Implications
  3. Technical Description
  4. Marketing Strategy
    Marketing pitch
    A link to your teams elevator pitch

Judging criteria for both rounds can be downloaded as a pdf.


The competition is open to students and young professionals who are between the ages of 18 and 35 (must be 35 at the launch of the competition).

Team members can be located anywhere in the world and should be made up of three to four members.

At least one of your team members needs to be an IET member.


Your team can only choose one of the challenges to solve, and cannot enter a solution both.

The IET reserves the right to close registration early when we have received 150 entries.


Our partners

For the Global Challenge 2018/19 we have partnered with two amazing charities, Greenpeace and GreenSeas Trust.

Find out more  >


Who is eligible to take part?

At least one of your team members needs to be an IET member.

For more information on becoming a member and finding the right membership for you visit our webpage.


Contact us

Email: globalchallenge@theiet.org