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Living in the Internet of Things

Realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world

1 - 2 May 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place

CPD 14 hours


Steering committee

David De Roure (photo)  

Conference Chairman - Prof David De Roure – Oxford University


Ian Brown (photo)  

Professor Ian Brown, DCMS


Madeline Carr - photo  

Dr Madeline Carr - UCL


Rafael Cepeda Lopez  

Rafael Cepeda Lopez - ZincVC


Haitham Cruickhank  

Dr Haitham Cruickshank - Surrey University


Nigel Davies (photo)  

Prof Nigel Davies - Lancaster University


Miles Elsden - photo  

Prof Miles Elsden - UCL


Image to follow (image)  

Mike Fisher - BT Technology


Image to follow (image)  

Derwen Hinds - NSCS


John Moor - photo  

John Moor - IoT Security Foundation


Jeremy Morley - photo  

Jeremy Morley - Chief Geospatial Scientist, Ordnance Survey


Wayne Soutter photo  

Wayne Soutter - Digital Catapult


Jeremy Watson (photo)  

Professor Jeremy Watson - UCL


Organising committee

Eleri Jones (photo)  

Eleri Jones – PETRAS / University College London


Alisdair Ritchie (photo)  

Dr Alisdair Ritchie – University of Warwick


Seb Ives  

Seb Ives - The IET


image of natalie sullivan  

Natalie Sullivan - The IET


Maggie Copping  -photo  

Maggie Copping - The IET


Sarah Hardy - photo  

Sarah Hardy - University of Warwick


Programme committee

Pete Burnap (photo)  

Professor Pete Burnap - Cardiff University


Paul Coulton - photo  

Paul Coulton - Lancaster University


Image to follow (image)  

Barney Craggs - Bristol Cyber Security Group, University of Bristol


Emil Lupu (photo)  

Prof Emil Lupu - Imperial College


Carsten Maple - photo  

Prof Carsten Maple - University of Warwick


Charles Morrisett - photo  

Dr Charles Morriset - Newcastle University


Image to follow (image)  

Ioannis Paraskevas - University of Salford


Awais Rashid - photo  

Professor Awais Rashid - University of Bristol


Alan Stevens - photo  

Dr Alan Stevens - University of Southampton


Sponsors / Exhibitors