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Living in the Internet of Things

Realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world

1 - 2 May 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place

CPD 14 hours

Living in the IoT Demonstrations

IoT in the Home Demonstrator, Dr Kruakae Pothong, UCL

IoT in the Home Demonstrator, Dr Kruakae Pothong, UCL

The ‘Smart Home’ video narrative provides insights concerning people’s expectations of Smart Homes and the governance of relevant technologies. These insights result from the PETRAS/BRE IoT in the Home Demonstrator which was designed to gain a deeper understanding of how people respond to and interact with internet-connected ‘smart’ devices within the home.

The IoT in the Home Demonstrator project is one of the research activities funded by PETRAS Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things Research Hub, a consortium of eleven leading UK universities, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), our partners. The Hub has been augmented by UKRI SPF funding to become a National Centre of Excellence for research that includes machine learning and other technologies at the edge of the internet.


Protecting Privacy in Connected Vehicles, Professor Carsten Maple, University of Warwick

Protecting Privacy in Connected Vehicles, Professor Carsten Maple   Protecting Privacy in Connected Vehicles, Professor Carsten Maple  

To improve the safety of travelling in cars, in the future they will communicate with each other with information such as their location, speed and heading. It is important to verify the authenticity of this information, so cars will send a digital certificate with this information. However, a downside is that a digital certificate provides an identity with which a car can be tracked.

To prevent long term tracking a car’s identity can be periodically changed, but this often comes with a communication cost and the need to store many identities. To overcome these challenges a new group signature scheme provides a way to periodically change the identity used to create digital signatures without additional communication overhead and allows a trusted authority to break the privacy if required.


GeoPact Demonstration, Dr Ella Tallyn, Edinburgh University

GeoPact Demonstration, Dr Ella Tallyn  

Smart Contracts in Action

GeoPact has been developed to explore new urban transport and delivery solutions. The system collects and verifies location data from smart objects with certainty and security, unlocking its potential for everyday use. Smart contracts help us harness this data, linking it to real-life transactions, with a variety of possible applications. It could help governments measure and prove carbon reduction targets, enable drivers to prove a record of safe driving for insurance purposes or even let you know for sure when an important package has been left on your doorstep.

In the demonstration participants will collect a smart box which provides instructions for completing a simple smart contract. Participants can complete the contract by visiting a specially designated location and performing a series of actions. During the exercise, the smart contract will be displayed on a large screen, so spectators can witness each stage of the contract complete. #GeoPact


How to Stop Poachers Stealing Your Pandas, Matthew Bradbury University of Warwick

How to Stop Poachers Stealing Your Pandas, Matthew Bradbury  

Wireless Sensor Networks are beginning to be deployed for many applications, including monitoring valuable assets (such as endangered pandas). Information is gathered from across the network and sent to a base station where conservationists can analyse this data. However, by routing the information through the network poachers can follow the wireless signals to find and capture the pandas.

In order to protect the pandas the path messages take through the network can be changed to make it harder for a poacher to find the actual source of message transmissions.


Demonstration programme is correct at time of publication. Topics and speakers are subject to change.

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