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Living in the Internet of Things

Realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world

1 - 2 May 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place

CPD 14 hours

Realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world

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This 2nd Living in the IoT Conference combined academic research with industry case studies, demonstrating safeguards for IoT cybersecurity as well as exploring critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability and security.

Attending Living in the IoT allowed delegates to gain invaluable insight into how society can benefit from the power of interconnected devices and industry improve efficiency whilst every domain remain safe, secure and resilient.


Learn and play with research demonstrations

  • IoT in the Home Demonstrator, Dr Kruakae Pothong, UCL

  • Protecting Privacy in Connected Vehicles, Professor Carsten Maple, University of Warwick

  • GeoPact Demonstration, Dr Ella Tallyn, Edinburgh University

  • How to Stop Poachers Stealing Your Pandas, Matthew Bradbury, University of Warwick

Programme highlights

Keynotes include:

  • Dr Kevin Jones, Head of Cyber Security Architecture, Innovation and Scouting, Airbus, UK
  • Professor Tom Rodden, Chief Scientific Adviser, UK Government Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Sessions include:

  • Secure infrastructure
  • Innovation and security
  • Value and innovation
  • Supply chain
  • Smart energy systems
  • Future connected transport

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