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Living in the Internet of Things

Realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world

1 - 2 May 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place

CPD 14 hours

Conference scope

This conference focuses on realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world. It is distinctively concerned with a range of sociotechnical issues, the scope including privacy, ethics, trust, and acceptability, as well as security, safety and resilience, in the Internet of Things.

The topics below are examples but not an exhaustive list. In all cases we welcome abstracts which focus on specific domains, e.g. industrial IoT, healthcare, home, entertainment (toys and games), transport, buildings, cities, energy, environment, manufacturing, creative economy, space, robotics, industrial control and critical infrastructure.

Submitted papers and presentations are welcomed on the projects, case studies and theories that focus on solutions for IoT challenges including:


Adoption and acceptability

  • Design principles for adoption and acceptability
  • Case studies in home, public spaces, campus
  • Codes of practice
  • Understanding implications for adoption
  • Evaluation of prototypes
  • Narratives to facilitate adoption
  • Responsible innovation in IoT
  • AI and ethical algorithms
  • Emergent behaviour


Safety and security

  • Security risk assessment
  • Usable security
  • Human factors in securing IoT infrastructures
  • IoT and hybrid threats and attack vectors
  • Resilience of IoT-based infrastructures
  • Safety and security in the context of automation
  • Secure connectivity in IoT
  • Security in mobile and wireless communications
  • Digital forensics
  • Cybercrime


Privacy and trust

  • Design principles for trust and privacy
  • Data sharing, analytics and preserving privacy
  • Authentication and access control
  • Mechanisms for consent
  • Location and mobility privacy
  • IoT privacy modelling and analysis
  • Anonymous data mining and data sharing
  • Information hiding
  • Trust and security in the supply chain
  • Computational privacy

Standards, governance and policy

  • Regulatory gaps
  • Consent and data protection
  • Effect of GDPR
  • Security by default / design principles
  • Certification and best practices
  • Liability and cyber risk Insurance
  • Policy approaches to resilient IoT
  • Public and private governance approaches
  • International political dimension
  • Cultures of security


Harnessing economic value

  • Value of personal data and analytics
  • Uses of blockchain for IoT
  • IoT in Industry 4.0
  • Emerging meanings of value in the IoT space
  • Developments in risk analysis and cyber insurance
  • Innovative business models in cyber security
  • Challenges to existing business models
  • Analysing and predicting market trends
  • Economics of risk
  • Developing the innovation ecosystem

Sponsors / Exhibitors