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Engineering a fair future: Why we need to train unbiased AI

Part of the IET Turing EngTalk and BCS Lecture Series
Inspired by the life and work of

Alan Turing

18 – 21 February 2019 | London, Manchester, Belfast

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Engineering a fair future: Why we need to train unbiased AI

Machine (data-driven learning-based algorithmic) decision making is increasingly being used to assist or replace human decision making in a variety of domains ranging from banking (rating user credit) and recruiting (ranking applicants) to judiciary (profiling criminals) and journalism (recommending news-stories).

Recently concerns have been raised about the potential for bias and unfairness in such algorithmic decisions. Against this background, in this lecture, we will attempt to tackle the following foundational questions about man-machine decision-making:

  • How do machines learn to make biased or unfair decisions?
  • How can we quantify (measure) and control (mitigate) bias or unfairness in machine decision making?
  • Can machine decisions be engineered to help humans control (mitigate) bias or unfairness in their own decisions?

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Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice

Forget Killer Robots—Bias Is the Real AI Danger

UK report urges action to combat AI bias

Meet the authors of Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities in London

Anthony Finkelstein (photo) Larissa Suzuki (photo) Last year’s London Turing Talk insight speaker, Dr Larissa Suzuki will be visiting us again this year, along with her colleague, Anthony Finkelstein.

Dr Suzuki and Mr Finkelstein will be launching their new book, ‘Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities’ taking place in the exhibitor area at the IET Turing EngTalk at IET London: Savoy Place on the 18 February.

Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities in London (photo) Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities, published by the IET gives readers unprecedented insights into how cities and infrastructures function and equips them with the knowledge to overcome complex challenges. The framework presented in this book has guided the design of several major urban platforms in the European Union and the design of the City Data Strategy of the Mayor of London, UK.

At the event you are warmly welcome to meet the award winning authors and purchase a signed copy of the book at a special discounted rate.

To find out more information about the authors and this insightful publication please visit the Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities in London book webpage.

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18:00 - Registration

18:30 - Insight talk

18:45 - Turing talk

20:00 - Drinks reception

21:00 - Close

18 February 2019
IET London: Savoy Place

20 February 2019
The University of Manchester

21 February 2019
Assembly Building, Belfast

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