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Turing Talk:
Digital Twins: The Next Phase of the AI Revolution?

Part of the IET EngTalk Series and BCS Lecture Series

17, 19, 20 February 2020 | London, Manchester, Belfast

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Digitising the future

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The idea of an Intelligent Digital Avatar conjures up many images from a complete virtual world that one can safely define, develop and play in to rogue robots running amok and destroying mankind. The reality is much less dramatic but no less far reaching and exciting.

This year’s Turing Talk will be delivered by Mark Girolami; an academic statistician and the Sir Kirby Laing Professorship of Civil Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Mark will discuss Digital Twins and chart their history to present day technological capability, looking at some of the advances being made and the opportunities along with the open challenges faced to realise the potential of Digital Twins.


Turing Talk 2019: Engineering a Fair Future

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Meet the speaker

Mark Girolami  

Mark Girolami

Mark Girolami is the Sir Kirby Laing Professorship of Civil Engineering within the Department of Engineering at Cambridge where he provides academic leadership for the Centre for Digital Built Britain initiative across the University and more broadly throughout the national and international research communities.

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Why are Digital Twins important?

The global digital twin market was valued at USD $3.8bn in 2019 and is expected to reach USD $35.8bn by 2025.

Half of all large industrial companies are predicted to be using them in some form by 2021, which is expected to result in a 10 per cent increase in effectiveness.



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17 February 2020
IET London: Savoy Place

18:00 - Registration
18:30 - Event Begins
20:00 - Networking & Refreshments
21:00 - End

19 February 2020
University Place, The University of Manchester

18:00 - Registration
18:30 - Event Begins
20:00 - Networking & Refreshments
21:00 - End

20 February 2020
Assembly Building, Belfast

17:30 - Registration
18:00 - Event Begins
19:30 - Networking & Refreshments
20:30 - End

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