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Engineering a fair future: Why we need to train unbiased AI

Part of the IET Turing EngTalk and BCS Lecture Series
Inspired by the life and work of

Alan Turing

18 – 21 February 2019 | London, Manchester, Belfast

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Turing Lecture about (image) Artificial intelligence is being increasingly used to augment and replace human decision making

However, these AI algorithms are only as good as the quality and accuracy of the data available. If these systems are provided with biased data, then they will produce biased decisions, which then has the potential to negatively impact people’s lives.

Engineering a fair future: why we need to train unbiased AI, is the subject of this year’s Turing Talk, delivered by Professor Krishna Gummadi.

Krishna will explore the issue of data bias in AI, identifying the root cause of machine bias, before discussing the ways we can mitigate against unfair decisions and engineer the technology to better aid human decision making.

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Turing speaker 2019

Professor Krishna Gummadi (photo)

Professor Krishna Gummadi

Krishna Gummadi is the head of the Networked Systems research group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems and a professor at the University of Saarland in Germany.

His research interests lie in understanding and building social computing systems with a focus on enhancing fairness, accountability, transparency, and explainability of automated decision making systems.

Combating bias in AI – an interview with Professor Krishna Gummandi

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18:00 - Registration

18:30 - Insight talk

18:45 - Turing talk

20:00 - Drinks reception

21:00 - Close

18 February 2019
IET London: Savoy Place

20 February 2019
The University of Manchester

21 February 2019
Assembly Building, Belfast

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