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Engineering a fair future: Why we need to train unbiased AI

Part of the IET Turing EngTalk and BCS Lecture Series
Inspired by the life and work of

Alan Turing

18 – 21 February 2019 | London, Manchester, Belfast

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The London EngTalk will be streamed live as a webcast at 18:30 GMT on 18 February 2019.

Watch on demand the 2018 Turing EngTalk

Watch on demand the 2017 Turing EngTalk

‘Beneficial AI for the Advancement of Humankind’ by Dr. Guru Banavar

Watch on demand the 2016 Turing EngTalk

‘The Internet of Me: It’s all about my screens’ by Robert Schukai

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18:00 - Registration

18:30 - Insight talk

18:45 - Turing talk

20:00 - Drinks reception

21:00 - Close

18 February 2019
IET London: Savoy Place

20 February 2019
The University of Manchester

21 February 2019
Assembly Building, Belfast

EngTalk showcase

Do you have some exciting relevant technology, projects or innovative materials that you would like to showcase to fellow guests at our EngTalks?

We have the perfect opportunity for you.

A number of table tops will be available at no cost for select organisations to showcase interesting developments in this area.

Apply for your place to Dermot Dooher